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What is 45 Years, 45 Families?

In celebration of our 45th anniversary, we are donating new furniture to 45 families in need. The South Florida community made it possible for us to reach this milestone and we can’t think of a better way to show our appreciation.

How are the families being selected?

We partnered with the local media and various non-profit organizations that have identified and selected 45 families within our community who are in need of furniture. For a list of our partnering organizations please click here.

Can anyone participate?

This program is only available to those families who are registered within each non-profit organization. El Dorado Furniture and the non-profit organizations are not accepting applications or nominations at this time.

How much will be donated?

We will be furnishing 45 homes, but that’s not all. We will provide décor assistance, delivery, and set up; and some of the organizations we have partnered with will be making donations to the families.

How long will you be doing this?

45 Years, 45 Families will run through the end of May. On June 27, our anniversary, we will reunite with all the families for a big celebration in our Palmetto Showroom.

Has El Dorado Furniture done anything like this before?

We celebrated our 40th anniversary in a similar way—40 Years, 40 Families.

How can I stay up to date on the latest information about 45 Years, 45 Families?

Check back often! We will be posting videos, pictures, and news coverage. For constant updates, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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NBC 6 Miami El Dorado Furniture 45 Years, 45 Families Hall Family

Source WTVJ NBC 6

To celebrate its 45th anniversary, El Dorado Furniture created 45 Years, 45 Families to connect with families who need furniture. With the help of NBC 6 and Forever Family, El Dorado met Daniel Hall, a young father with a three year old son. “Thanks to El Dorado for really helping me out and making me feel more at home.”
How It Works
For Information on how 45 Years, 45 Families works click here.

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